Tax Preparation Services in Skiatook and Tulsa, OK

Don't Stress Your Taxes - Hire Trusted Tax Preparation Services

Individuals, small businesses, farmers, corporations, s-corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, estates, tax-exempt entities, all state returns no matter how many you have, and any other tax form, we can do them all.

Returns are all electronically filed when possible. Refunds can be handled in several ways:

  1. Direct Deposit into you existing bank account (takes 7-10 days, and preparation fees should be paid when the returns are filed.)
  2. Refund Transfer Check. (Takes 7-10 days, preparation fees can be witheld from the refund, and we print your check at our office.) This is a great option for those clients that cannot pay at the time we file the returns, or do not have a bank account.
  3. Government issued refund checks from the IRS, and State issued debit cards for you Oklahoma State refunds. (This can take between 4-6 weeks, and preparation fees should be paid when returns are filed.)

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At Kriege Income Tax Services, we guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions with strategies that minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your returns, and leave you with the piece of mind that your taxes were done by an expert.

Our expertise, experience, analysis and thorough research allow us to optimize all opportunities to be found in existing as well as recently altered tax laws. We are knowledgeable and up to date on the tax laws and can make sense of your receipts, bills and notices. Whether you are filing as an individual or a business, we are here to help with tax preparation in Skiatook, Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas.